5 Ayurveda Tips to Boost Your Immunity for Coronavirus Prevention

The Covid-19 epidemic has paralyzed the world. People around the world are suffering. It is one of the crises that testing humanity and its survival potential. As cases increase every minute, health concern is center stage.
We would like to share with you some Ayurvedic ideas on how we can best support you in the situation we are currently facing regarding the coronavirus. These Ayurvedic tips are meant to be preventive measures you can take to stay healthy and support your immune system.

1. Keep a positive mindset

Forget about the uncertainties that this time brings and try to tackle challenges calmly. More than ever, it is important to follow a daily routine of meditation support and yoga practice. Where a calm mind supports powers of self-healing, fear undermines it.

2. Diet

It is very important to balance your Kapha to keep the channels open, which support the lungs, and to balance your pitta, which plays a role in fever. Cut back on dairy (yogurt!), Cheese, fried foods, meat, fish, hot herbs like chili, and acidic and salty foods. Increase: fresh (cooked) vegetables and proportionally more green vegetables such as spinach, basmati rice, dal mung (beans), cereals, some soaked fruits.

3. Tongue scraping and gargling

The idea behind scratching the tongue is to effectively kill the microorganisms and stimulate your organs. Do it as part of your morning ritual. Gargling with ginger juice and a little salt will make the virus less likely to settle.

4. Drinks

Dry mouth should be avoided and drinking hot tea and water is recommended. Take sips every 30 minutes. That way, the throat is more likely to wash out of the stomach where the stomach acid will take care of. If you don’t drink enough water more often, the virus can more easily enter the trachea and lungs (Stanford Hospital Board of Nursing). Don’t drink frozen drinks at all!

5. Take care of your lungs

Take a regular steam inhalation where you add Kapha reducing the essential oil that is not too strong, such as eucalyptus, thyme, echinacea or a “breath free” mix that you will find in stores. . Very effective: take Ajwain seeds: roast them carefully on a covered plate and inhale (carefully) the fumes.

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