7 Camping Destinations Near Delhi That’re Perf For A Short Road Trip!

Are you bored a lot in your monotonous life and desperate for fresh air? Are you tired of the same work schedule and desire for adventure of your life? If so, then guys, we have discovered something perfect for you. It’s time to camp! Yes, you heard us For all the slaves in the business who work behind their desks, it’s time to pack your bags and head straight to these camps for a great weekend getaway!

1. Damdama Lake

A two-hour drive away, Damdama Lake, near Delhi, is a fantastic place to spend a pleasant camping holiday with your friends. They offer many activities such as aerobatics, parasailing, climbing, cycling, sport fishing, hiking and camping. Also, for all those who are ready to sail, you can go on a Damdama Lake row, paddle or motorboat.

Where | Damdama Adventure Camp, Khobri, Harchandpur, near Sohna, Gurgaon

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Location | right here

2. Camp Roxx

The adventure is going well, but the people of New Delhi certainly need a perfect break from our busy schedule and hectic lives. Camp Roxx in Kangojodi is the camping destination in the Himachal Mountains, providing us with an ideal natural refuge. It also offers some adventure sports such as hiking and bird watching, but the best thing about this place is that everyone will spend a quiet moment away from the maddening city!

Where | Nahan-Shimla Road, Gunjara Put, Himachal Pradesh

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3. Camp Tikling

In the center of Aravallis, only 35 km from Delhi, is this beautiful Tikling camp, which meets the needs of all ages. They have fun activities like artificial climbing walls, abseiling, zip line, command network, paramotor, paintball and more. And if that was not enough, these guys also have camel rides, tractor rides and potter’s wheels. This is awesome?

Where | Gairatpur Baas, Badshahpur, Gurugram

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4. The farm camp

Somewhere in the deep forests of the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is such a perfect place to break the monotony of your life. The Farm Camp offers a complete adventure package mixed with a touch of nature. They have specially designed “Day Trip” and “Night Camp” programs that include activities such as Internet Ordering, Burma Bridge, Zipline, Mowgli Drive, Walkway and Lakes Crossing. In addition, they offer gardens and large gardens in the lap of nature.

Where | Village of Chhota Anangpur near the Karni Singh Range, Faridabad

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5. The Mustang Camp

Now, boys, this particular place is located in the rural farms of Manesar, which obviously gives it a rustic appearance, which makes it even more exciting. It is an ideal destination to explore fun activities such as climbing, hiking, air rifle shooting, zorbing, agriculture, cycling, obstacle course, village walks, rockets, astronomy and many others.

Where | Near, Badshahpur, Garat Pure Bas, Haryana

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6. Sanawar Nature Camp

You’ll feel right at home when you’re away from home and what better way to drive than to visit the luxurious Kasauli mountain range and experience a relaxing and peaceful camping experience. Start your day with a perfect call of cuckoos and let your day end under a starry sky. You can also enjoy the Recall, the Burmese Bridge, the Command Network and other sports activities so that your adventurous spirit has everything.

Where | Kasaul – Dharmapur Road, Sanawar, Solan, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

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Location | right here

7. The wild camp of Dhauj

With its prime location in the middle of the oldest mountain range in the world, Camp Wild Dhauj is certainly the most beautiful place to camp. They offer fun activities such as natural climbing, hiking and abseiling. They have something to offer everyone.

Also, to complete your weekend in the best possible way, these guys also organize bonfire nights so you can dance and sing all night before resuming your routine routine!

Where |  Manger – Dhauj Rd, Mangar, Haryana

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Location | right here

We try to make your weekends valid! Now, let your adventure-keeda have a little fun.

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