One of Delhi’s Oldest Art Galleries Gita Art Gallery Has Reopened!

NEW DELHI: Art lovers in the city have much to rejoice over as celebrate Delhi’s oldest art gallery, the Gita Art Gallery, resumes its activities with an exhibition of exquisite works of art by young teachers The most sought after in the country, among them, the size of Rameshwar Broota, Mona. Rai, Manish Pushkale and Hem Raj, to name a few.

Kuljit Singh Butalia, founder and octogenarian owner of the gallery, will bless Neha Talwar, who along with the artists Anirudh Tripathi and Gopal Mehan, takes the lead of this new creation. 
Neango This is the first time that the public and collectors have access to these rich and textured compositions.

This is an important development for the Delhi art circuit, as GAG Moderne seeks to infuse the creative environment of the capital with the best practices highly appreciated by the founders of this initiative. The trio of the three artists of the installation, Neha Talwar, Anirudh Tripathi and Gopal Mehan, is inspired by a common ideal: to bring the places closer to Indian art, both literally and figuratively. 

Neango’s studio is not only about showing the best of Indian art, traditional or contemporary, but also to include some fundamental principles for the respect of the artist.
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